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Sunrise Children's Village


We need your active participation and support to achieve the mission and vision of Sunrise children’s village. Your involvement and your contribution will be your investment for a better society. There are many ways through which you can participate or support our noble cause. Your contribution to educational schemes, health schemes and food schemes would empower and enrich the lives of every child. Corporate companies can involve in supporting our various projects under corporate social responsibility.

Child sponsorship

Have the joy of bringing up a child by fostering a child through Child sponsorship.

                     ► Education 

                             Education is the greatest wealth a person can possess in this modern world. Your contribution would enable and empower a child whom we take care with utmost happiness.

                               ♦ Sponsor a school bag 600Rs

                            ♦ Sponsor a pair of shoes 600Rs

                            ♦ Sponsor a set of uniform 1200Rs

                            ♦ Sponsor a set of books for a child 1500Rs


                  ► Food:

                            You can provide lunch, dinner etc for our residents by sponsoring meals under these schemes. This will be a better opportunity to share and celebrate your birthdays, anniversaries etc.

                               ♦ Breakfast for 40 children for a day 3000Rs

                            ♦ Lunch for 40 children 5000Rs

                            ♦ Dinner for 40 Children 4000Rs

                            ♦ Rice bag (100 Kg) 5000Rs

                            ♦ Vegetables per day 600 Rs

                            ♦ Grocessories per month 15000Rs

                            ♦ Eggs for a month 4200 RS

                            ♦ Meat for a month 7400 Rs

                            ♦ Fruits 2400Rs

                            ♦ Dal (20Kg) 2400Rs


                     ► Health and Hygiene

                             Health care is one of the utmost priorities in our children’s’ village. We look for great patronage to support our health care system with great hygienic programs.

                               ♦ Medicine for a child 400Rs

                            ♦ Medical expense for a day 1000Rs


                     ► Dresses for festivals for 40 chidren 45000Rs

                     ► stationary per month(soaps,brush,paste,oil,cleaning materials,writing materials) -8750Rs

 Gift a child

                            On your special days like birthdays, wedding anniversary, jubilees, you can visit our sunrise children, with your beloved family members, spend a day or evening with the children. It would be a great surprise for the celebrant to hear the wishes HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LONG LIVE, GOD BLESS YOU from our children.


                            Anybody with good heart and good will can be a volunteer in sunrise. Being a Volunteer in sunrise children’s village is highly appreciated. Your contribution of resources, your skills and your time is utilized to the maximum for the betterment of the children and in turn you
receive great satisfaction. You get the opportunity to meet new people, gain new insights about the children’s life, and broaden your awareness in child protection policy. We welcome volunteers from all over the world above 18 and below 60.

Celebrate your life with us

                          ► Birthdays

                          ► Anniversaries

                          ► Jubilees


                            ► Donate to Indian office

                                     ► Contact the Director (9884115545)

                                     ► Contact the Admin (7708343456)

                            ► Account details

                                             Account Name: Sunrise Charitable society        

                                        A/c: 870215936

                                        IFSC code: IDIB000C016

                                        Indian bank

                                        Cheranmahadevi Branch