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Sunrise Children's Village

Our Sunrise Children's Village

“GIVING LIFE, HOPE AND FUTURE TO THE ORPHANED AND ABANDONED” With this opening idea. Sunrise children’s village was established in 2006 by Sunrise Charitable Society and, working through Schoenstatt Fathers in Tirunelveli with the sole objective of facilitating the quality of life of the orphaned, abandoned and neglected children that they are able to face the world through proper education in a healthy family environment. It is a non-profit organization, registered under JJ Act 2015.

Children are the gift of God. They are born to live a meaningful life. Every child should have the possibility to experience love and affection. Therefore, the children here live in the small houses as one family under the loving care of a mother. There are 52 orphaned and neglected children accommodated. supported and assisted in their physical, moral, psychological wellbeing and well taken care of. Among them 35 children live in Sunrise children’s village and 17 children are admitted in Aftercare program and still get supported, though they have completed their school studies.

These children have bitter, sad and wounded childhood as they have lost either father or mother and they are almost abandoned on the streets or exposed to critical and unhealthy situation of the families, which have spoiled their happy childhood. Sunrise Children’s Village have identified these children and assumed moral responsibility to accompany them and form them by providing food, shelter, clothes and all other necessary accessories that they grow in happy childhood joyfully.

They are well taken care of by our mothers. The mothers in solidarity with Sunrise Children’s Village and for the noble cause, join us in upbringing the children in values. They serve us selflessly for the children they are entrusted with. Every mother takes care of 8-10 Children.

It is an ideal and dream project to give them family atmosphere with all its merits and demerits. We have taken unconditional approach for every child. We assume responsibility to educate them in their own uniqueness. Many of them study in Schoenstatt matriculation school. They are all unique in various talents. We need to identify them and give them the right orientation so that they grow in self-confidence to achieve the heights. We employ professionals to help them identify the right possibilities for their life. We offer quality food, value education, other academics, and psychological assistance that they grow in maturity. These children are assisted by mental health professionals and psychologists, to rediscover their lost child hood, through various educational programs, seminars, workshop and conferences.

We assume responsibility until every child reaches the age of independence. Sunrise village works on ideals of forming a new man in the new society. It envisions that this children’s village becomes a model village and it has to be duplicated in all major cities