“Allow us to tell you what we are thinking or feeling. Whether our voices are big or small; whether we whisper or shout it, paint it, draw, mime or sign it – listen to us and hear what we say.”

 Right Number 23, United Nations Children’s Fund Keeping this UNCF’s words in mind, we have meticulously planned the following methods and carrying out the same successfully:

  • Creating a positive and interactive learning environment, in and out of the orphanage
  • The orphanage providing practical support for the orphan children and help them to position themselves confidently within the learning process and to create a tangible dynamic atmosphere, which embraces learning and development, in a multi-dimensional way.
  • We have created a healthy external space for the children. Especially the older children, for whom we look to provide healthy role-models and whom we should support in their preparations for independent life - intellectually, practically and emotionally.
  • We have created a detailed file on each child, plotting their intellectual ability and developmental progress. We also measure cognitive and memory skills, creative ability, Attention span and receptiveness, listening ability and responsiveness.
  • We have a future plan to set up a polytechnic college, and to train the orphan children in vocational skills so that they can learn to be self-sufficient when they grow up.
  • In addition, we have a plan to get them skilled and updated with Computer course, typewriting course, Tailoring and other Income generative skills