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Sunrise Children's Village

Education for all

 All our children are provided with good education They study in the schools nearby. They go to the city for higher education. Till now five girls have completed higher secondary education.

Health care & medical check up

Under the guidance of doctors and nutritionists, our children are physically taken care of well. We provide them with very healthy food. Every day they get an egg and once a week meat. Milk is provided twice a day. Once in three months, a medical checkup is done. Every year we also send our children for ENT and dental check-ups. 

Tutorial classes for all

Every day in the evening all the children come together for special study. Three graduates are appointed to help them study better and excel in various subjects.

Family celebrations at every house

​The birthday of every child in the family is celebrated in a grand manner. The child gets a new dress and sweets. The mother prepares a cake and invites all the mothers and children for a special prayer.

Skills training for all

​Besides the regular school programs, we also take care that our children grow in other areas. Therefore we have sports, games, dance, music, craftwork, painting & drawing, etc. Skills training programs are conducted by professionals in order to nurture children's hidden talents and develop their creative skills. Providing proper recreational activities for our children is as important as any other activity. It contributes substantially to their physical, emotional, and psychological development. We provide various indoor and outdoor recreational equipment to all the children. It helps in their all-around development and provides an opportunity to interact with each other and enjoy their free time.

Counseling services

​A female social worker is appointed as counselor cum trainer in order to assist the children. She motivates and guides them in their difficulties.

Talents show

We encourage them to expose their multiple and hidden talents through a cultural evening, where they have the possibility to perform their talents.

Motivational programs

Life skills education and career counseling have been conducted to motivate the children on a regular basis.

Mothers’ training

Our mothers are trained regularly in various aspects. Professional trainers and counseling psychologists are engaged in the mothers' training program, where the mothers share and evaluate the service that they render. They also have the possibility to go to professional counselors in their need.

​Learning through experiences and educational tours

Once a year we arrange a tour for our children. It is a time of being together as a family and relaxing. We expose them to the outer world by taking them out to various picnic spots, religious centers, academic and cultural

Extracurricular activities

Besides academic activities, the children have the possibility to engage themselves in sports and games. We also offer them good motivational videos.